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The lawyer at Ramona C. Little, Attorney at Law, helps individuals and their families make appropriate, effective and informed legal decisions.

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Ramona C. Little, Attorney at Law, offers a unique blend of experience, understanding and sophistication to help its clients achieve opportune legal outcomes. Attorney Ramona “Rami” C. Little and her staff are always focused on delivering results, but they also keep you informed and up to date as your case moves forward so that you will be in control of your legal matter from start to finish.
Rami is always mindful of the long-term impact that legal disputes can have on your life. That’s why she fights to not only obtain success in the courtroom but also achieve results that will lead to a bright future for you and your loved ones.

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A Resource For All Your Legal Needs

Ramona C. Little, Attorney at Law, is a general legal firm, and Rami and her team welcome any and all legal questions. Even if she cannot directly assist you with your legal matter, she will certainly make sure that you find proper representation for whatever your needs may be.

She assists her clients in a wide range of legal matters. The cases she handles most frequently fall under family law, criminal defense and personal injury litigation. Rami is also a certified family law mediator and can help you resolve sensitive family issues without having to go to court.


Rami has successfully mediated a variety of Family Law matters for my clients. As a successful and accomplished litigator, she understands the complexities involved in domestic disputes, and is able to bridge the gap between the attorneys’ positions and the desires of the clients.  Rami’s approach to mediation allows her sympathetically engage with clients, while effectively communicating the realities of their legal predicaments in a manner that fosters amicable resolutions of even the most contentious cases.
Rami is an absolute pleasure to work with, and my first call for any case in which the parties seek a mediated resolution.
-Evan R.

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