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Ramona C. Little, Attorney at Law helps individuals and their families make appropriate, effective and informed legal decisions.

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We Advocate For Your Short-Term And Long-Term Interests

Ramona C. Little, Attorney at Law offers a unique blend of experience, understanding and sophistication to help our clients achieve opportune legal outcomes. We are always focused on delivering results, but we also keep you informed and up to date as your case moves forward so that you will be informed and in control of your legal matter from start to finish.

We are always mindful of the long-term impact that legal disputes can have on your life. That’s why we fight to obtain not just success in the courtroom but to achieve results that will lead to a bright future for both you and your loved ones.

A Resource For All Your Legal Needs

We are a general legal firm, and we welcome any and all legal questions. Even if we cannot directly assist you with your legal matter, we will certainly make sure you find proper representation for whatever your needs may be.

We assist our clients in a wide range of legal matters. The cases we handle most frequently fall under family law, criminal defense and personal injury litigation.

Practice Areas

Family Law

We are seasoned veterans and local industry leaders for all aspects of family law, from divorce to collecting overdue spousal maintenance payments. We will always fight to achieve the best outcome for our clients. In the process, we also make a point of helping our clients understand the legal context of their situation so that they feel educated and empowered to make decisions with confidence.

We understand that family law can be sensitive and stressful. Intense feelings now can lessen over time, making it important to understand the true ramifications of all outcomes both in and out of the courtroom.

Criminal Defense

With years of experience in the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, we have been involved with just about every type of case from murder to driving under the influence. Knowing how to best prosecute a case also gives us an advantage in defending our clients. We also know just how much leeway a prosecutor or judge has on sentencing. Whether you were wrongly accused or caught in the act, we know how to either prove your innocence or get you the best possible legal outcome available.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen. Be they unintentional or because of disregard to safety or quality standards, they can have a devastating impact on both your quality of life and your ability to do your job. We understand how insurance companies work as well as how much employers or individuals can pay. We will maximize your settlement benefits from both insurance companies and the entity or individual at fault in order to secure your future.

Civil Litigation

In many legal disputes, the clearest path to a resolution is civil litigation. Whether you are seeking to file a lawsuit yourself, or you are responding to a suit that has been filed against you, we will stand up for you and your interests in court.

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